Dania Ramirez Movies and TV Shows: A Diverse Portfolio

Dania Ramirez, a talented Dominican actress, has carved a niche for herself in movies and television with her dynamic performances. From action-packed blockbusters to intriguing TV series, her range as an actress is as impressive as it is diverse. Let's dive into some of her most notable roles.

Standout Movie Roles

  • Callisto in X-Men: The Last Stand: Ramirez made a striking appearance as Callisto, a mutant with super speed and heightened senses. Her character leads a group of outcasts in a pivotal battle against the X-Men, showcasing Ramirez's ability to command attention in action roles.
Dania Ramirez television roles
  • Selena in American Reunion: In the comedy hit, Ramirez plays Selena, Finch's love interest. This role in the popular American Pie series highlights her versatility and ability to bring charm and humor to the screen.
  • Vanessa in Premium Rush: As Vanessa, the girlfriend of a bike messenger caught in a dangerous chase, Ramirez delivers an intense performance that adds depth to this high-stakes thriller.

Memorable TV Show Performances

  • Maya Herrera in Heroes: In the acclaimed series "Heroes," Ramirez portrays Maya Herrera a character with the extraordinary ability to emit a deadly poison. Her portrayal of Maya's struggle and strength adds a compelling layer to the series.
  • Rosie Falta in Devious Maids: In "Devious Maids," Ramirez steps into the role of Rosie Falta, a kind and dedicated maid working in Beverly Hills. Her performance earned praise for its warmth and authenticity.
TV Shows


  • Cinderella in Once Upon a Time: Ramirez's portrayal of Cinderella in "Once Upon a Time" brings a fresh take to the classic fairy tale character. Her journey from hardship to finding love showcases Ramirez's range in bringing depth to beloved characters.
  • Aimee Eden in Sweet Tooth: In the post-apocalyptic world of "Sweet Tooth," Ramirez plays Aimee Eden, a former therapist who protects hybrid children. Her character's compassion and resilience shine in this unique and captivating series.


Dania Ramirez's filmography is a testament to her dynamic acting skills and ability to bring many characters to life. From "X-Men: The Last Stand" to "Sweet Tooth," her performances are memorable and highlight the breadth of her talent. Whether in movies or TV shows, Ramirez continues to captivate audiences with her compelling portrayals.

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