Top 15 Best Cinema HD Alternatives


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Do you use Cinema HD a lot but wonder if there’s another great app out there? In this post, we present to you the top 15 best Cinema HD alternatives to download!

There are many streaming platforms available right now but most of them cost monthly fees. So, it only makes sense to look for alternatives today that allows us to stream movies and shows freely. One of the top choices right now seems to be Cinema HD and it’s only growing bigger by the day. However, if you’ve been using this app and you’re still finding it lacking or facing some issues, there’s no need to worry. In this post, we’ll give to you the top 15 best Cinema HD alternatives!


These are streaming apps that are just as great if not better than Cinema HD! They all have similar features but there are some extra features that you can get in some apps. Overall, it doesn’t hurt to try all of them to see which one can fill the void that Cinema HD has left in you. So, without further ado, feel free to read all about them below!

Best Cinema HD Alternatives for Android/Roku/Mac/PC/Firestick/iOS

There are so many streaming platforms that you can download and use right now. But if you’re facing quite a lot of trouble with Cinema HD, then maybe it’s time to use other similar apps. The good news is that there are a ton of them available today. Because of that, we’ve gathered the top 15 alternatives to present them to you here!


The first one in our list is Rokkr and it’s one of the best free streaming platforms today. It’s an app that looks similar to Cinema HD and it also has similar features. Overall, it’s a decent app to download if you’re looking for an app to watch movies and shows today.


Features of Rokkr

• A variety of categories available such as romance, action, comedy, documentary and more
• Simple interface
• Regular updates
• Free to download and use
• TV Mode

CatMouse APK

If you’re looking for a more complete app, CatMouse APK is one of the best Cinema HD alternatives today. One look at the app and you can already see that it has a lot of features available. With this app, you’re able to watch thousands of titles today! Aside from that, all of these are high-quality and you won’t need to register as well to use it.


Features of CatMouse APK

• Thousands of titles
• High-quality videos
• No registration needed
• Auto-play
• Many categories available
• Set reminders
• Built-in media player


This next one on our list isn’t a streaming platform but more of a hub. Kodi is a free platform that allows you to use many streaming apps for free! With Kodi, you can get all of these streaming apps present in here for free. It’s also available in a wide variety of devices such as Android, PC, Mac, and Smart TV/Apple TV.


Features of Kodi

• Free for all
• Allows you to add any streaming platforms
• Easy to use
• Available for a wide variety of devices

Typhoon TV

It’s always best to stay indoors when you face typhoons. It’s also the perfect weather to watch the latest movies and shows! With Typhoon TV, you can watch a ton of movies and shows today. Enjoy multiple categories such as horror, action, sci-fi, adventure and many more. It’s a complete app that’s one of the best Cinema HD alternatives today.


Features of Typhoon TV

• Multiple genres
• Supports subtitles
• Countless shows and movies available
• Download movies offline
• Everything is arranged by category
• High-quality resolutions
• Chromecast support
• Change Modern UI
• Backup and restore
• Notifications


Another great alternative to Cinema HD, OREO TV isn’t just a delicious snack but an amazing streaming platform as well. It’s an app that allows you to watch plenty of movies and shows. But what’s even more prominent in this app are the availability of over 6,000 live channels!


Features of OREO TV

• Movies and shows
• Free to use
• You don’t need to register to use
• Lightweight to download
• Easy UI navigation
• Over 6,000 live channels to enjoy across the world


No one today can deny that Netflix is one of the best streaming platforms available. It practically started the whole streaming war that many companies are participating today. So, it only makes sense for you to consider this app as a proper alternative to Cinema HD.


Features of Netflix

• Thousands of titles
• Unlimited streaming
• Download videos
• Parental controls
• 5 users available
• Can be used in different devices simultaneously
• Huge global content library
• Original titles

Pluto TV

Pluto TV isn’t your average streaming platform. It’s one of the best ones today simply because it’s used by millions of users.


Features of PLUTO TV

• 100% Free and safe to use
• Over 20 million users worldwide
• Thousands of available titles
• Fast and easy to use

Thop TV

Thop TV is also an excellent choice for a free streaming platform today. It has everything you need and more for a free streaming app. It also features extra tools!


Features of Thop TV

• Offline viewing
• No ads
• Worldwide content (Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil movies)
• Live channels
• Movies and shows

Titanium TV

If you’re using Cinema HD today, you can simply switch over to Titanium TV. They’re virtually the same app so you won’t even notice the difference.


Features of Titanium TV

• Streaming links available
• Subbed and dubbed movies and shows
• HD quality videos
• A huge list
• Regional web series


No, you won’t be watching tea-centered movies and shows in this app. Instead, you’ll get an incredible amount of latest movie and shows releases today.


Features of TeaTV

• Free and safe to use
• Plenty of categories
• Live TV Channels
• Available in a variety of devices
• High-definition videos
• Subtitle support


This app looks like a premium streaming platform at first glance, that’s because it is! It’s a premium-looking streaming platform without the premium cost.


Features of MovieBox

• Premium interface
• 100% free
• Latest releases
• Classic movies and shows
• Download for offline use

HD Streamz

This app is similar to what we’ve put out in this list. But it also has some unique features that you’d want to check out.


Features of HD Streamz

• Over 600 Live TV Channels from all over the world
• Content from various countries
• Easy UI
• Free to download

Watched Premium

Another contender on the list, Watched Premium is a decent app that you can install today. Although it lacks a lot of features, it’s still a viable option as a last resort.


Features of Watched Premium

• Plenty of TV channels
• Sports channels
• Add-ons
• Great content

Terrarium TV

One of the best on-demand streaming platforms today is Terrarium TV. It’s one of the best alternatives for Cinema HD that you can download right now.


Features of Terrarium TV

• Fast downloads and streaming
• Multiple language subtitles
• Online and offline use
• Free of cost


Another great contender in this list of alternatives, you can watch quite a lot of movies and shows in here!


Features of Cinehub

• Quick filter
• Thousands of movies and shows
• Screen mirroring supported
• Daily updates


As you can see, it’s not the end of the world when Cinema HD stops working. Thanks to this list, you now have 15 streaming platforms you can use as an alternative to Cinema HD! Some are even better than Cinema HD!

If you download Cinema HD and find that your Cinema HD not working anymore, don’t worry, we are here for you! Check out our best-updated info on Cinema HD and you’re good to go.



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